Friday, August 1, 2008

Mayor Foster Announces 2009 Budget Proposal!

The Mayor has released the 2009 budget! In his comments, he states:

"The Manager's recommendation to shutter the Main Library will allow us to enhance services at all 11 neighborhood branches to 7 days a week and expand hours of operations to levels greater than before the 2004 service cut. The computer and homework center services of Main will be temporarily re-located in Downtown to meet the most pressing needs of the community. In sum, this measure saves $1.86 million annually by not sinking overhead operations costs into an outdated and broken facility- and removes a $10 million anticipated burden from the general fund to replace a leaking roof and damaged plumbing systems."

Read the full recommendations and budget HERE.

We've heard that the City Manager, Pat West, has invited the leaders of some of the library support organizations who oppose the closure of Main to a meeting on Monday. He referred to this meeting in a recent Grunion Gazette article.

According to these organizations, they have agreed to meet with him to attempt to clarify major concerns and issues that have arisen. They have not provided input to a "satellite library" as Pat West suggests in the article.

We are still receiving emails of support, and it is clear that we all feel that the proposal to close Main Library has not been fully thought out. The NEEDS of the community are being ignored. We do not feel that a "temporary facility" will be sufficient in replacing the vital services provided by Main Library.

City Hall has created more questions than answers, and we must make our concerns heard!!

Please keep writing ALL of the City Council members to ask them about their proposal and urge them to find a better alternative!!

Keep collecting signatures, today we passed the 1,000 mark!!!!

Please plan to attend the budget meeting at 3:30PM at City Hall on Tuesday. Come early!

Thank you for your support!!


Anonymous said...

I am an avid reader and spend almost every lunch break during the week at the Long Beach main library. Thanks to my taking her there, my daughter has a great love of books. There are so many children in that local area that have nothing but the library as a place to learn and as a sanctuary from the streets. Please don't close the library.

chaytac said...

Why is the budget cut affecting schools,library, education, the young ones, our future adults...? We should support the library in helping the children and our community.