Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ghost Town?!

There has been a lively debate going on among people leaving comments online in response to the Press Telegram and District articles about the proposal to close main library.

Some people have expressed that Main library is a "ghost town." We have to wonder if they've visited recently. The conference rooms were full all week with seminars and community groups, the "Jelly Bean Book Club" has a lively following and over 800 kids are already signed up for the "Catch the Reading Bug" summer reading program. Chairs are full of readers on a daily basis, the computers are always taken and the disability center is heavily used.

Last Saturday, volunteers came down to collect signatures before Main Library opened the doors for the day. Below is a picture of the line that had formed waiting for the doors to open.

A steady stream of men, women, children and senior citizens, several people in wheelchairs, made up of all different cultural ethnicities, from all parts of the city, went into Main Library.

In just four short days, our support groups and networks have collected
767 signatures!!! Fantastic work!

These are people signing that they do not want to see the Main Library close its doors to the public to balance the budget- not even temporarily. Keep turning in your signatures, we would LOVE to get 5,000 signatures- just 1% of the 500,000 visitations to Main Library each year!

Hardly a "ghost town."

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BJ Brandt said...

In order to save our library, we need to focus on what is important and is not important. Money is the latter so please do not destroy the library and keep it as it s worth it and beautiful as it was built modernly. An better alternative is to put extra materials that are quake resistant things. Mayor Foster, why do you want to destroy it just because it costs "money"? It is not fair! Please keep it open. BJ Brandt.